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Nelly Bly Admiration

So after watching American Horror Story: Asylum, I decided to read Nelly Bly’s personal encounter about spending ten days in a mad house in a book of the same title. The character Lana Winters was modeled after Bly. The idea that a woman in the 1880’s was so bold and succeeded as a journalist is amazing. Her encounter is one that will leave you appalled at the conditions but admirable about her strength.

I feel that many historical figures get lost in the shuffle until a show such as this comes along. So much of her account are figured into the show. I wonder if she knew that her reporting will still be regarded over one hundred years later. In my college classes her name was mentioned but her report was never a required reading or went in depth.

So if you ever get a chance pick up this book and read it. You will be amazed at her moxie. I feel that this kind of true grit investigating reporting is almost impossible these days because of the changes she brought about with her investigations. So Nelly Bly, I salute you.

Sneaking In Me Time

Do you ever feel like you are sneaking in me time? The precious few hours while everyone is out and about even the youngest with the rest. It almost makes you feel guilty to actually take time. I know self-care is so important but really who honestly has time for it.

Today, I had two and a half hours. I brewed some coffee, laid on the couch, and watched my free preview of HBO on Hulu.  I chose La La Land. This movie was a delightful treat until the end. The end made me cry. I felt like it could be an alternate music video to the 90’s country classic “What Might Have Been” by Little Texas. But I was so impressed with this little escape of reality. I luckily got in one episode of American Horror Story Asylum before they got home.

So this was a huge blessing especially since the boys want to make a huge meatball they saw on Bzzfeed. At least I can have the meat and a little of the cheese. So all is not lost but I am sure the mess will of epic proportions but great memories will be made. So just remember for every hour of self-care we get another hour of work it seems.

Thank You, Jen Hatmaker

When I read For The Love by Jen Hatmaker, I was staying by myself for the first time ever with no husband or kids training for my new job. I was able to spend my evenings after a long hot bath in my hotel room and relax and just enjoy this book. I realized that there is someone out there who gets me, my faults, my motherhood fails, and guess what it is okay. I am not perfect this women whose an inspiration to me in my faith life is not perfect so guess what, no one is. That is why God created grace and redemption.
So when Mess and Moxie came out, I knew it was a must read. Her opening chapter of This Ones For The Girls, it had me in tears. Over the past year, I have dealt with so much, grief, depression, questioning my faith, having an almost empty nest, and trying to figure who I am without all these hats that I previously wore that are no longer there.
This book is different than for the love, while there are some great how to tutorials in it, she also touches on things that we all deal with. I love her real authentic self and how she is not afraid to put herself out there. She really allows us readers to step inside and see who Jen Hatmaker is. While we may think of her as church planter who leads other she also wears many of the same hats that we do.
I just want to say thank you to Jen Hatmaker for this book that allows me to know that I am not the only mess that is out there but also it’s okay to have an abundance of moxie. We were not born to be merely passing through. We are to live life to the fullest, make mistakes and learn, love in abundance, laugh at ourselves and with others, and stand up for what we know is right. So sisters, I pray that if you read this book it can help you with some strongholds like I have experienced in this last year and know its okay to be a mess but never lose your moxie.

This is also posted on my site Live Love Books Blog.

TV Induced Emotion

Oh how I love This Is Us! But season two, the first episode was going so well. I’ve got so many unanswered questions, speculation, and cried so many tears. Thank goodness, ragweed already has my eyes so irritated today.

So I recorded it last night and watched it with my breakfast which consisted of coffee, bacon, and fresh eggs. It was so yummy and good comfort food too. It is amazing how emotionally attached to shows we can get. Gilmore Girls is still one of those I can watch over and over. So maybe so many of us attached to this show since Milo who plays the father on This Is Us was Jess on the Gilmore Girls.

So anyway, my day is starting off emotional but I believe it is all up hill from here. See positive thinking, it helps change your mood channel. Did you notice that I left no spoilers? That’s because I hate spoilers.

Today Was A Good Day

So I am a gansta rap and deal Mom so you know as I was typing this my Ice Cube voice and chair dancing were in full effect. Yes, it is times like these that I am thankful I am a blogger not a vlogger. But I really don’t think it would embarrass me as much as my hubby and kids. So now that this is over, lets move along, nothing to see here.

So my hubby decided to try and tempt me tonight with the super sugary candy that my papaw always got me those irresistible circus peanut. He left them sitting open where I was sitting when I got up.  He kept telling me how amazingly good they were. But this girl stood firm. My will power was not going to be broken. I have victor over temptation guys. I have had to pray a few times when I think about a sweet sugary treat. But I am working so hard to make this happen.

I did really good on Taco Tuesday. I had my bacon and eggs for breakfast. We have a backyard coop with my lovely hens and one silkie rooster. They provide me with fresh eggs in return for their high quality organic feed. I love my ladies and Mr. Silkie. Yes, they all have names but I will spare you that here.

Then for lunch it was two steak tacos with cheese and lettuce from the local Mexican restaurant, Amigo Loco. They were amazing and I did not eat the tortillas. Guess what, I did not touch the chips, salsa, or my usual amazing habanero salsa they have for me. I felt unstoppable.

Dinner tonight was my usual taco kit but instead of Dorito style shells like every one else, I had my meat over a bed of lettuce, with cheese, and sour cream. It was carefully measured and placed in my Keto counter to ensure I had the right amounts.

I am so proud of myself. I know this is only two days but this is two days father than I thought I would get. I seriously thought I would be like, peace this girl is out, by now. I have to do this for my health. I am two hundred and thirty five pounds. That is like two and a half boy band members. That has got to change. So I shall continue to quest to good health and be victorious.

Perspective Is Key

There has always been a white broccoli like veggie that seemed ominous to me. It always loomed on salad bars, frozen mixed veggies, and in the produce aisle at Kroger. The Keto meal plan inspired me to try this veggies since it would be my new potato in a way. I am an Arkansas girl. I was raised on supper buttered mash potatoes, loaded baked potatoes, and huge skillets of fried taters and onions. This was going to be hard for me to live without.

So I splurged a whole $2.99 on this head of cauliflower. It was either going to help me or freak me out. At this time, the outcome was very uncertain. So this went into the crisper until it was need for dinner tonight. I was going to try to make this scary white brain looking veggie taste amazing somehow. So to Pinterest I went.

I scrolled through so many pins. But alas, I found a really simple loaded cauliflower recipe. So when I got home from work the cauliflower was put on to boil. My youngest and my hubby wanted to know why I was cooking cabbage. But I learned when boiled cauliflower and cabbage smell the same. Once boiled it was mashed then blended with butter and milk. Then I stirred in green onions, crumbled fresh bacon, and some cheddar cheese. Then I placed it in the oven.

Next, I heated up a tablespoon of olive oil and sautéed some fresh mushrooms. Then with some olive oil, I lightly breaded two small one eighth inch pork chop in coconut flour and fried them. I am feeling pretty proud of myself at this point. My families food is being cooked separately as normally done.

So now it is the moment of truth, the loaded cauliflower is done. I fix my plate and add the exact portion of a serving. As I slowly walk the green mile to my chair to eat, I sniff my plate. It smells good. The sautéed mushrooms are heavenly. The coconut flour battered pork chop is okay, the flour is gritty to me. So lesson learned, no coconut flour next time just cook plain. I know what you are thinking. But in Arkansas if it is meat and it is going in a skillet and it is not bacon, sausage, or ham it is getting breaded.

Then it was time to use my fork to scoop up that first bit of this concoction that I created. At first, I taste the cheese, heavenly bacon, tang of green onion, and slight hint of something new. It is not bad but its not a potato. But guess what, I really enjoyed my loaded cauliflower. Even my ten year old liked it. So two full serving were scooped into my storage bowls for the next two days at work.

So my advice is to be open to new things. If I had not tried the Keto meal plan, I could have never had cauliflower or coconut flour. Life is a learning process that never ends.

Keto: My Journey Starts Tomorrow

So since I started a new medication in May, I have gained thirty five pounds. I was loosing so good on my It Works supplements. It is like there is a constant intake of calories when I am burning and consuming a good rate of calories a day and eating healthier. So after my recent frustration with exercise, calorie counting, and supplements, I am going to be doing the Keto meal plan with my It Works supplements still used. Do not panic, I have researched and got the info to know that this is okay for me to do and can help my metabolism get back in a better rhythm.

I have read so much, gotten several books, and I have prayed about it. This is not an easy decision for me. I live in Arkansas. We like our foods fried, our tea extra sweet, and we love to gather for family dinners and potlucks after church. So this is really going to be a huge lifestyle change for me. But I have been able to identify some ways to make it easier on myself. I really feel that I can be successful and overcome this weight gain.

Since I have experienced this weight gain my energy is almost gone, I am winded walking small distances, my sleep is suffering, back aches are horrible, and none of my clothes fit. I went from a little double chin to a quadruple decker chin. This is not acceptable. I am claiming victory over my health and I am commited to making these changes. Even if it means giving up Taco Tuesday at Amigo Loco. I can do this. I will just have grilled steak with guacamole and sour cream with tortillas omitted. So I think this will happen.

Progress will be updated soon. Oh an y’all pray for my husband. This may be rough the first week and well I can be kind of cranky at times. Hopefully this won’t be too bad though. Notice I refuse to call this a diet!

Math My Nemesis

Math is my nemesis. It has never been my strong point. My fifth grader is really struggling and I am trying my best to help him but math is done so differently today. There are arrows and no remainders. I find myself throwing out the thing I thought I would never say, “Back in my day, we didn’t use arrows we knew to drop that number down. When something was left we had a remainder. Duplicate digits we just put a line over the second duplicate in the answer, there was no rounding. ”

My child even said, “You mean to tell me that you got all them degrees hanging on your wall and you can’t do this like my teacher tells us to do it.” My response, “Yes, that is exactly what I am saying.” My husband is just as confused as I. Even our King Charles Cav is at a loss with one mere glance at the paper.

So I am sure that I am not the only mother in this predicament. When did we make learning simple things so complicated? Is a new fancy way of doing things really better? Is it worth my child being in tears because he does not understand it? Does it require me to continually send notes and e-mails to teachers. So I have decided to do what any thirty something mom would do. Here is how I would work the problem with an example. Look at mine and do it this way. But since this may not work as well as it does in my head and it never does, I set up a Kahn Academy account.

Here is to all the moms of fifth graders for your tireless effforts to learn to help your kid with math. Here is to all the math teachers who most likely had to unlearn how they were taught math. May we all pray for each other to survive this year and rejoice when the grades that come home are passing.

College Mom Life

So I am still adjusting to this thing called college mom life. I have one whose doing great and being a social butterfly and one whose coming home a lot. The funny thing is the introvert is now the extrovert and the extrovert is the introvert. Did I mention they are twins, I think I have before.

Also college is expensive. Just when I thought we had all they needed things keep coming up. But I am helping them all I can until work study’s come open that some claimed and did not want. Poor freshman, they got all mostly got left out since they were new and not sure how to apply.

So being the problem solving mom that I am and loving to craft, I started a little project call Arkansuds. I am making homemade soaps and soon other bath products. It allows me craft therapy and to have money to help my kids out. They always come first in my world.

Between grad school, full time job in school based mental health, my ten year olds sport schedule, It Works distributor, wife, daughter, and whatever else happens to come up, my time is limited. So crafting is often my escape and coping skill from stress. I also just started yoga. It is amazing.

So I want to share my new crafting projects info with you.

Facebook @Arkansuds

Instagram @thearkansuds

So I am hoping that this will not take too much away from my crochet time but so far, I am good.


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