Twin Mom Life

I became a mom to twins at nineteen. I have been their Mom almost half my life. They are my world. They were born twelve days after their Dad and my one year wedding anniversary. They were ten weeks early and had a rough start but we overcame it.

They are a large part of my world. I have always been the boys mom or the twins mom. Now they are eighteen and in a little over one week, they move into their college dorms. They will be separated for the first time in their life. This is in addition to me being separated from them.

It is often said that you are not supposed to be your child friends but in my case I feel like I'm loosing my two best friends. I am their mother and they treat me with respect as their parent. It's our ability to communicate honestly and respectfully with one another. The fact that I know they have been raised to be respectful, help others, and pursued their dreams. One thing I cannot tell them enough is never let anyone crush your dreams.

So this is our last national twin day with them teens living at home. I'm just so thankful and blessed that God choose me to be these twins Mom!


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