Last Week Before They Leave The Nest

I promise, I will not cry while typing this but who are we kidding. This weekend brought about a crazy whirlwind of trying to prepare for their departure. Their departure is not like the usual FBLA or FFA trip, this is no band or FFA camp, this is college. This is moving out into a dorm with strangers and living independently while planning for your future. This is real life.

I know this is been my focus lately but I promise my ten year old knows he is loved. We even had my nephew spend the weekend with us. So I am not totally a blubbering mess at this point. My children are my world and knowing two are fixing to soar out of my nest is nerve racking.

I bought them band-aids, neosporin, benadryl, hydrocortisone cream, ibuprofen, tylenol, Tums, pepto-bismol, thermometers, cough drops, and melatonin. They thought this was too much, but I reminded them as independent young men, they need to be prepared for anything that comes their way.  We hit Sams Club with a vengance and got bulk everything toiletry, laundry, and some snack goods. Then it was off to bedding and school supplies.

I apparently had a momentary lapse of sanity because going school supply shopping on sales tax free weekend is worse than Black Friday. I would rather go to Wal-Mart on Black Friday than Academy Sports on tax free weekend. But the amazingly cheap backpack were procurred with the four pairs of shorts for $16 for their little brother.

So this weekend, I am feeling accomplished. The only thing that I like getting is storage bins to pack their clothes in. So this last week should be rather pleasant. I am at least hoping it will be anyway.

My advice to parents with twins is to start saving for senior year of high school and college at birth. My second piece of advice is bargain shop to save. My next piece of advice is to enjoy all the time you can with them before they head off to college. I think if my little guy could say advice her, it would be to start planning your brothers room remodel. He still thinks he is moving in it when they leave.




Take a moment today to be reminded of both the immense privilege and the tremendous responsibility of being a father.


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